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Why should I use Respray Services rather than paint it myself?

April 20, 2018
  Who am I? Hi I m a busy working mom of three lovely kids [two boys and a teenage girl], a husband and a dog! I live in Celbridge Co. Kildare. As you can imagine with kids it’s a very busy household! My situation? This time of the year is communion season and if you are anything like me, with a communion coming up my head is in a spin! I want to provide a memorable day for my son, so I decided to throw a party for him at home. The only thing is…my kitchen really needs to be updated! Dilemma I know with the expense of everything else associated with communion…you know what I mean?  I realised I couldn’t afford a new kitchen, so I wanted to paint the existing one. Apparently a kitchen respray is just 20 – 25% of the cost of a new one, woohoo I m sold. Should I paint it myself or use a professional? I have all of these ideas going around my head, I love all of those kitchens you see on the ads lately, French Grey, Elephants Breath…gorgeous. I just want to make sure the finish looks good. I don’t want any paint brush marks left on the doors, I really want it to have a long lasting finish without spending a fortune. I also want it to be hassle free!! My Research Having chatted with friends who have done it , they highly recommend that  I get it resprayed rather than paint it myself.  Having looked at few kitchens I see how smooth it looks compared to painting with a brush.  I also like the idea of the hassle free aspect of it, I don’t want to have paint pots all over my kitchen and having to take them apart. Result!! I called Respray Services and they went through step by step the procedure of having it done,  they come out to my house, take the doors, cornices and pelmets away and spray it in the workshop. Happy Days!